Computer Aided Dispatch and Alternative Response

A virtual summit to discuss the challenges and emerging needs of alternative response dispatch.


NYU Policing Project has partnered with Dignity Best Practices to host a virtual summit for 911 and alternative response practitioners to meet with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software companies. Local jurisdictions are invited to share with CAD companies the challenges, needs, and innovation opportunities associated with the emerging practice of dispatching alternative response options beyond the traditional trio of Police, Fire, and EMS.

Alternative response options are rapidly growing throughout the country, including transfers to specialized call supports such as 988 behavioral health lines, civilian mobile response teams, community paramedicine teams, mediators, co-responders, CIT units, and unarmed public safety responders.  However, CAD software systems (and the protocols that make use of them) currently tend to lack design features to sufficiently support alternative response. Jurisdictions are looking for the best methods of coordinating response teams, ensuring scene safety, sharing information, sending the right resources, and gathering data for case review and programmatic evaluation.

We are excited to host this important summit, connecting technology providers and local governments across the country to problem-solve and identify innovative solutions. To learn more, send us a question and mention "CAD summit" in the message.