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About this Section

Designing a Reimagined System

In Designing a Reimagined System we provide guidance on systemic decisions, considerations, and challenges that jurisdictions face when reimagining public safety. Whether your city is just getting started, looking to solve operational challenges, or thinking about expanding an existing program, we have found that cities are grappling with a common set of systemic issues.

We will update this section on a rolling basis and invite you to learn with us as we go!

Our initial set of guidance covers:

Common decision points that cities face when reimagining public safety, including engaging the community, scoping the program, identifying the right responders, and focusing on dispatch

Providing 24/7 service

Addressing social conflicts holistically

Financing alternative response

Common alternative responder models, such as community service officers, behavioral health responders, peer responders

As we move forward, we will address a host of additional topics such as labor considerations, legal issues, training, data-sharing, and much more.

We are supplementing these written materials with our dynamic community of practice, to provide opportunities for learning and information-sharing between cities.