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Alternative Response and 911 Computer Aided Dispatch

Computer Aided Dispatch

In spring 2023, the Policing Project at NYU Law partnered with Dignity Best Practices to host a virtual summit for 911 and alternative response practitioners to meet with Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software companies and other technology providers. Local jurisdictions were invited to share with CAD companies and other providers the challenges, needs, and innovation opportunities associated with the emerging practice of dispatching alternative response options beyond the traditional trio of police, fire, and EMS.

As jurisdictions launch alternative response options to supplement traditional public safety services, 911 call centers are wrestling with the operational challenges of how new responders will be challenged, triaged, dispatched, and integrated into emergency communication systems. 911 call centers have integrated advances in technology over the years to better serve their community and aid first responders with real-time data. CAD software has been an integral advancement in the field, allowing 911 call centers to respond to an emergency by increasing efficiency and decreasing response time.